INTERNATIONAL LAW Rebecca M.M. Wallace and Olga Martin-Ortega б/в(була у використанні)

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Автор: Rebecca M.M. Wallace and Olga Martin-Ortega

Видавництво: SWEET & MAXWELL

Тип видання: підручник

Рік видання: 2016

Кількість сторінок: 396

ISBN: 978-0-414-05551-3

Палітурка: м’яка

Мова: англійська

Формат: 140 х 215 мм

Стан: б/в(була у використанні)


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This book is being published thirty years after the first edition appeared. These thirty years have witnessed considerable changes in the international legal landscape. The fact that the book is still being used underscores the need for a basic but comprehensive understanding of international legal principles, and an apprecia­tion of the sources and the actors on the global stage. These thirty years have also witnessed our growth as scholars and individu­als. Professor Wallace, a young academic when she had the deter­mination and courage to add a new voice to international law teaching, has now inspired generations of law students globally with a passion for international law and set them enthusiastically in the pursuit of an international legal career.

Dr. Martin-Ortega, one of these privileged individuals to be touched by Professor Wallace’s enthusiasm and energy, generos­ity and inspiration, was only starting her PhD when she came into contact with this text and with its author, who was to change her professional (and personal) path and guide her every step of the way to become the person and scholar she is today.

Dr Martin-Ortega is proud of continuing this work and hopes one day to be able to inspire and guide as much as her mentor.

As in the past thirty years, this book intends to give the reader the necessary tools for navigating the contemporary international legal framework and for the reader to become familiar with many of the ongoing debates in the field. Law and politics are inextrica­bly linked and it is important to understand the power dynamics at play. As with previous editions, deliberate efforts have been made to keep the book concise, relevant and user-friendly, pro­viding an introduction to the international legal system. This book should not only be accessible to law students, but also to those studying, or just interested in, politics, international rela-tions and a range of related disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.

Every effort has been made to state the law as it is at 31 May 2016.

The authors acknowledge the support and assistance of Eva Shamouel and Nicola Thurlow of Thomson Reuters and especially to Nicola who has been instrumental in keeping this book alive, with her unstinting encouragement and enthusiasm over what are now numerous editions. We are indebted to her and look forward to working together with her and her team over many more years.

Dr Olga Martin-Ortega

London, June 2016.

Professor Rebecca M.M. Wallace 

Aberdeen, June 2016.


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